Keeping Fit During Winter Months

November 6th, 2017 (No Comments)

Looking ahead to the gloomy winter months and thinking about skipping exercise, and hibernating in your stretchy pants and roomy sweaters? Think again. Winter is a great time to try a new routine and stay fit. The University of Maastricht in the Netherlands studied exercise in colder months and found that as your body learns […]

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

October 1st, 2017 (No Comments)

A Ketogenic diet is very-low-carbohydrate diet, developed the 1920’s. It was shown to reduce or even remove the need for medication in epilepsy patients. In the 1960’s this diet was successfully tested as a way to treat obese patients. It is also proven to be effective at treating diabetes, acne, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, and […]

Vitamin D: How Much is Too Much?

September 2nd, 2017 (No Comments)

Getting the right amount of vitamins is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Ideally, getting vitamins through the food we eat is the best way for our bodies to receive nutrition. When that fails, supplements can be a good source of nutrition. Unfortunately, many people tend to treat supplements less seriously than medicine and […]

Beverages: A Drink to Your Health

August 5th, 2017 (No Comments)

Decisions about which drink to choose are tough, but making a healthy decision may be the hardest part. Look at any beverage aisle in a grocery and you know you have a lot of choices to quench your thirst. Energy drinks, sodas and juices abound. Here’s some information to help you make a more informed selection.

Baking Is Good For Your Health and Wellness

July 1st, 2017 (No Comments)

Baking for others helps everyone It turns out, if you enjoy baking for other people, the recipients aren’t the only ones to benefit.  Science now explains why we feel so good when we bake and give our results away. Baking allows for creativity. Creative expression is helpful for stress relief. According to Donna Pincus, an […]

Cold Laser Treatment–What Is It?

June 1st, 2017 (No Comments)

Cold Laser Therapy, also called Low Level Light Therapy, is a treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to help speed the body’s healing process. It can help patients who suffer from acute and chronic conditions to reduce swelling, help eliminate pain, decrease spasms and increase functionality.  This is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, non-prescription therapy.

Creating Good Sleep Habits at Any Age

May 1st, 2017 (No Comments)

While we may not often consider sleep essential, it is as necessary for our bodies as air and food. Lack of sleep affects us at all ages. Growth hormones that increase a child or teen’s muscle mass and that repair cells are released during sleep. For humans of any age, cognitive abilities suffer from lack […]

How Does Exercise Affect the Brain?

April 1st, 2017 (No Comments)

So far, no drug or therapy exists that matches the powerful effect regular physical exercise has on improving brain function or preventing Alzheimer’s disease. In a study of senior citizens by the Mayo Clinic, exercise five to six times a week reduces the risk of mild cognitive impairment by 32 percent, as compared to other […]

Stress-Reduction Techniques for Everyone

March 1st, 2017 (No Comments)

Per the Mayo Clinic, “Relaxation isn’t just about peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body.” Finding a method of stress-reduction is important for everyone. Practicing relaxation can take many different methods, but all with the same goal of regularly coping […]

Elimination Nation

February 1st, 2017 (No Comments)

Elimination — yup. We’re going to talk about THAT.  Every human organism relies on the ability to successfully eliminate waste from its system or die.  Getting waste out quickly is a benefit to any biological system. In humans, our bodies are designed to evacuate in a squatting position, and long before the modern toilet was […]