Beauty At A Toxic Price

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Toxins in beauty products

Beauty at what price?

That new lotion you just bought smells so delicious, it couldn’t be hiding toxins in there, could it?  Unfortunately, many of the lotions and potions we use every day contain chemicals that are allowed in the United States, but it doesn’t mean they are good for you. Many chemicals that are legal here, are illegal in European countries. Conversely, chemicals that are not allowed in the US are found in European countries. How do we know what is a toxin and what is safe?

While certain additives in products may cause allergies, asthma or even cancer, pinning down which exact ingredient is damaging is difficult.  Hard evidence on the dangers of chemical ingredients is so challenging because the data comes from observational studies, and each person’s exposure and risk varies greatly.

Burden on the Public

According to Russ Hauser, Chair of the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, “Too much of the burden is on the public, and it’s unfair to expect the average person to have the time and scientific background to stay on top of this.”

Parabens and phthalates, chemicals often found in nail polishes and lotions, are thought to disrupt the hormonal system, affecting many of our bodily systems, including the reproductive and neurological systems. Studies have shown a possible link between talc and ovarian cancer. So how do we avoid these chemicals? One study by the TH Chan School of Public Health suggested that purchasing products with fewer ingredients was one possible method of reducing your exposure to toxins. But words like “possible” and “potential” don’t help a lot when you are standing in a store, trying to decide which product is “safe” to purchase.

Where to Go for Help

The Environmental Working Group is a good place to start to learn a little more about the chemicals around us. According to their mission statement, they are “a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.” Their website features consumer guides on beauty products, home care products, food, and water safety.  They also have a data base of various beauty products that are rated for safety based on the ingredient list. You can type in the name of a product, or an ingredient to learn how safe it is. If you find it to be too toxic for you, use their data base to find alternative products that contain less toxins.

Another great option is to look into making one or two of your own beauty products. Making soaps, lotions and lip balms are very do-able in a standard kitchen. Finding how-to videos and recipes, like this one, is easy to do.

In short, learning which products to use does require a bit of time, but by learning companies that place a priority on healthy products, and/or making your own products, consumers send a message with their checkbooks.  Hopefully more companies will start listening to the message we are sending.

Cold Laser Treatment–What Is It?

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LaserCold Laser Therapy, also called Low Level Light Therapy, is a treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to help speed the body’s healing process. It can help patients who suffer from acute and chronic conditions to reduce swelling, help eliminate pain, decrease spasms and increase functionality.  This is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, non-prescription therapy.
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Elimination Nation

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Elimination Station

Elimination Station

Elimination — yup. We’re going to talk about THAT.  Every human organism relies on the ability to successfully eliminate waste from its system or die.  Getting waste out quickly is a benefit to any biological system. In humans, our bodies are designed to evacuate in a squatting position, and long before the modern toilet was invented, our ancestors squatted. Many cultures still use toilets that require squatting, which would be viewed as odd here in the United States. Read more

The Effect of Sugar on the Body

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Too much sugar makes us want more sugar.

Too much sugar makes us want more sugar.

Early humans needed sugar to survive. They needed it for energy (glucose) and to help store fat (fructose) for times when food was scarce. In order to help them survive the human brain developed a craving for this delicious ingredient. Richard Johnson, professor in the Medicine Department of the University of Colorado, speculates that the “feel good” response modern humans get from sugar is a holdover from this early survival response.

Today, in our sugar-run-amuck world, that craving has the opposite effect. Too much of a good thing is making us sick. Most of us know it’s bad for our teeth and our waistline, but it is much more destructive than that. Overindulgence on sugar affects many areas of our body. Read more

Are there Toxins in Seafood?

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Toxins in Seafood

Toxins in Seafood

Many people are concerned about the amount of mercury in fish. Unfortunately, pollution affects all of our food sources, whether fish, fowl or fruit. Making better decisions about all of the food we eat is essential, and fish is no different. Reduce consumption of toxins in seafood by deciding how often to eat fish, which varieties to eat and from where the fish come. Read more

How Kangen Water Helps Rid You of Toxins

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What is Kangen Water?14359164_s
Kangen water is simply a brand of alkaline water with the potential to provide a number of benefits eclipsing those of regular water. The idea behind how it works is water is divided into its two separate entities via electrolysis: an acidic HO molecule and an alkaline OH molecule. Kangen water only contains the alkaline OH water.

But why would you only want to drink the alkaline half of traditional water? Today’s society consumes a high quantity of acidic food and beverages to begin with, namely soda, which can lower the body’s natural pH balance making it too acidic. By drinking water low in acidity and high in alkalinity, you can restore your pH equilibrium.

Kangen water accounts for the highest number of alkaline water product sales in the industry, as it set the standards for alkaline water quality and is a trusted brand. Read more