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Soothe Muscles with Essential Oils

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Pain Management with Essential OilsWhether exercising or simply planting your Spring garden, essential oils can help to soothe your muscles–before or after your hard work. Many people use pain killers to cure muscle aches, but these can take a toll on your liver and kidneys. Instead, consider essential oils as a great way to keep your muscles healthy.  You can often find blends of oils that will specifically address muscle concerns, or you can fix your own. For some of the must-have oils to help muscles perform well, read on. Read more

Holiday Cooking and Baking with Essential Oils

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Holiday-Cooking-and-Baking-with-Essential-OilsWith Thanksgiving fast approaching, you are likely already well into planning your holiday meal: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies—the works. As an Essential Oil aficionado, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate your favorite oils into your cooking and baking, and rightly so. Not only will these Essential Oils provide amazing health benefits, they also add a variety of flavors ranging from sweet to savory. Read more

Essential Oils for Skin Care

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Essential Oils for Skin CareThere are few things more irritating than a poorly timed break out. It never fails, right before a major event, your skin develops splotches, spots, or dry patches. Of course, if you would rather not suffer from these bothersome skin blights, you can turn to a variety of Essential Oils for all manner of skin afflictions. You can cleanse, tone, and nourish your skin to bring out the best of your complexion.

Essential Oils to Cleanse Your Skin

While it may seem counterintuitive to put oils on your skin to cleanse it, it is actually highly effective. With the proper combination, Essential Oils can help balance the oil your skin naturally produces. It does so by removing the impurities and dirt trapped in your pores. These impurities are often stuck in the oils already existing on your face. Since oil dissolves oil, the pure Essential oils remove the dirty oil in your pores, thus restoring balance.

An excellent option to cleanse the skin is Melaleuca Oil, also known as Tea Tree Oil. This Essential Oil is known for its antibacterial properties. This means that Melaleuca is able to stop acne-inducing bacteria before it can get a foot hold in your pores. However, bear in mind that Melaleuca Oil can dry out your skin, so be sure to provide your skin the moisture it needs with an Essential Oil such as Rosewood.

While Rosewood Oil is known to help combat dry skin, it is also an excellent option for aging skin. As we age, our skin care needs change so this Essential Oil is vital for preserving the youthful look of your skin. Not only that, but this Essential Oil contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to help improve the texture of your skin.

Another Essential Oil to improve the look and feel of your skin is Peppermint oil, particularly if you have oily or greasy skin. Peppermint Oil is also an effective cooling agent due to its menthol content, so if you are suffering from sunburn you can use this oil to relieve the sting and promote faster healing for your skin. Read more

Cooling Oils to Help Beat the Summer Heat

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Cooling Oils to Help Beat the Summer HeatWith summer in full swing, many individuals are looking for ways to keep cool. While it may seem like the only option is to turn the air conditioning up to full blast and deal with the costly electricity bill later, this is not the case. Certain Essential Oils are excellent at helping you naturally cool off without breaking the bank.

While many individuals use the mint based Essential Oils to flavor candies, they are also excellent for keeping you cool due to their light and refreshing qualities. The science behind this benefit is the menthol content in theses oils. Menthol can trick brain receptors into thinking your body is cooler than it actually is. Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oils both contain menthol and are great for combating the relentless summer heat. Plus, these oils are both excellent at helping you relax, combat headaches, and reduce muscle fatigue. Read more

Easy Wound Care with Essential Oils

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Ok or perfect sign using hand with patches on fingersWhen it comes to caring for your body, you want to be sure you are only using the best quality soaps, hair products, lotions, etc, so why wouldn’t the same hold true for your wound care? Like many personal hygiene products available on the market, several first aid options contain chemicals that are questionable to use on the skin. Many individuals feel the benefits outweigh the risks, but for the naturopath at heart there are other more holistic options.

In addition to the homeopathic benefits many Essential Oils possess, they are also much faster acting as they are not water based. This means they will permeate the skin more quickly than traditional remedies. Therapeutic grade oils carry a number of healing properties an individual would expect and want for wound care. These include antifungal, antibacterial, analgesic (pain reliever), antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and more.  This post will cover wound care with essential oils. Read more

How to Cook with Essential Oils

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How to Cook with Essential OilsMany of the Essential Oils available on the market today are extracted from plants that often double as spices or flavoring agents. This leads many to wonder if they can cook with their Essential Oils and the answer is yes!  Food grade Essential Oils can be used to flavor candies, baked goods, soups, and other savory dishes.

However, because these oils are incredibly potent you will need to use a great deal less than you would with regular spices. For example, herbal based oils such as basil and thyme have a ratio of one drop of oil for every teaspoon of loose spice.

When using citrus based oils such as lemon, lime, or grapefruit in place of a peel or zest, the flavor is a little more forgiving and you need not fear overpowering your dish. In your given recipe, replace one tablespoon of zest with 1/8 of a teaspoon of your corresponding oil.

You can even use Essential Oils for baking as a replacement for alcohol based extracts (i.e. using peppermint oil instead of peppermint extract). Essential oils are significantly stronger than these extracts; a good place to start would be using ¼ of a teaspoon of oil for every whole teaspoon your recipe calls for. If you are using the oils to flavor chocolate, you will want to be very careful with measuring your Essential Oils. Aim for ¼ to ½ of a teaspoon per pound of chocolate to avoid overpowering the candies. Below are more tips for how to cook with essential oils. Read more

Essential Oils for Allergies

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With spring around the corner, many people are looking forward to a break from the dreary cold of winter while others are dreading the allergies that come with the changing seasons. However, there is no need to live in a haze of itchy, water eyes, clogged sinuses, and headaches. There are numerous Essential Oils that can help ease the worst of your allergy symptoms to let you enjoy the warmer weather and blooming flowers. Here are some tips for using essential oils for allergies. Read more

How to use Essential Oils for Emotional Health and Mood Management

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How to use Essential Oils for Emotional Health and Mood ManagementStress, anxiety, and effects of depression plague a large number of us in today’s society. Whether this is due to environmental or psychological factors, the timely use of certain essential oils can vastly improve our emotional well being. The effects of stress on the body are numerous and largely not good for our health. While a little stress can be beneficial, excess or chronic stress can contribute to heart problems, ulcers, and worsen depression.

Essential Oils for Stress

Thankfully, there are a number of Essential Oils we can use to help reduce anxiety. One stress fighting oil is Patchouli. This potent oil not only relieves stress, but it also can control extreme emotions to help keep us feeling composed and serene. Read more

How to Use Essential Oils For Seasonal Threats

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With seasonal threats in full swing, you may find yourself looking for natural remedies and defenses to keep yourself healthy. An excellent option to consider is using essential oils. Some oils provide a boost to your respiratory health or overall immune system while others are designed to provide relief of seasonal threats–some can even do both. 9049207_s Read more

How to Incorporate Essential Oils in Your Cooking

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Cooking with essential oilsIf you own any essential oils, you may have noticed quite a few of them share the same ingredient(s) as your spice rack. This may have got you wondering, how can I cook with essential oils and how can I tell if my essential oils are meant for consumption? As these oils are undiluted and extremely concentrated, they will be much more potent than any spice or ingredient commonly found in your kitchen. Not only are they more powerful, their higher concentration means they also provide a greater level of nutrients including minerals, vitamins, and more.

Essential Oils Frequently Used in Cooking
While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the most commonly used essential oils in recipes: lemon, orange, nutmeg, peppermint, oregano, clove, basil, lemongrass, grapefruit, and others. However, not all essential oils are meant for human consumption and should only be used topically. How Can I Tell if an Essential Oil is Safe to Consume? The fastest and simplest way to determine this is by thoroughly reading the label. If it contains any message such as “For Aromatic Purposes Only” or “Not for Internal Use” then do not try to use that essential oil in your cooking. However, if your essential oil contains supplement facts and dietary information, then you know it is safe to use in your cooking. Bear in mind, this only applies if you have taken pains to ensure you have quality essential oils. If you tried to save some money by going for a lesser known bargain brand, you may not have the best quality oils and should therefore not consume them. Read more