Cancer Support

Cancer-TherapyKimberly is passionate about working with clients that are currently cancer patients or cancer survivors. Having been both herself she is well equipped to coach clients on the journey to wellness and regaining control of a healthy lifestyle.

She is sensitive to the competing challenges of living with cancer and beyond!

She works with clients striving to detox their bodies; supporting their body in riding itself of all the chemicals that are typically part of conventional cancer treatment. Then creating a personalized schedule of regular detoxification of their bodies to maintain strong healthy immune systems. Emotional healing as well as physical comfort is critical.

She coaches clients in transitioning their conventional methods (pharmaceuticals) of dealing with everyday issues to natural holistic ways of health and wellness (using essential oils, food as medicine, physical movement, stress reduction).

She has an integrative approach that allows clients that are in active traditional treatment for cancer to incorporate natural methods of reducing the body’s burden into their current regime. She is a Registered Nurse willing to work collaboratively with Physicians to create a supportive, nurturing environment for her clients that is complimentary to traditional medicine.

Regaining your strength and endurance is just one of the many challenges of being a cancer survivor. Having a personal Health Coach is a gift you can give yourself. We hire coaches for professional growth, financial advice, the birthing process, sports and physical conditioning…make sure in that list you include your health! Without our health we have none of the rest…

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