Regenerating Brain Health
For generations, medical professionals and researchers asserted that once your brain and nervous system are developed, you can’t re-grow lost neurons or repair damaged ones. This meant that once the destruction is done – be it from injury, aging, eurological disease, heavy metals or other neurotoxins, chronic stress, or other factors — there’s no way to repair it. However, new research is turning this idea on its head, showing that there’s hope for those who struggle with neurological damage.

Natural Alternatives Therapies for Lyme disease
Stealth virus infections could be misdiagnosed as chronic Lyme disease. At ViralScore™ our detoxification clinics have been trained in providing body balance systems to reverse the label of chronic disease with holistic alternative approaches and are educated about Lyme disease and other chronic infections. Once a label is given, we use the body balance/ memory reset technique and neurotoxin release program to balance…

Understanding Lyme disease and Lyme disease as a causative factor in Cancer Links
Borrelia Burgdorferi, the causative bacteria in Lyme Disease, is capable of transforming into three distinct bacterial forms: spirochete, cell-walldeficient, and cyst. This transformation occurs for the purpose of bacterial survival andproliferation in the human body.

Aches and pains