What Our Clients Say


Erin Voorheis

As someone who typically uses traditional Western medicine, seeking a non-traditional form of treatment was a bit out of my comfort zone.  But when Western medicine was not able to offer much help when my son’s facial tics changed into a head bob, shoulder shrug and elbow flap, I decided it was time to seek intervention that did not involve traditional medicine.I heard of Kimberly through a friend, and immediately appreciated Kimberly’s detailed phone conversation before my son and I ever set foot in her office.  The office visit revealed a calm environment, and more time spent talking to me and my son to seek more information about our possible causes of the tic-ing.

After receiving cold laser therapy, foot baths, essential oils and a supplement his tic-ing is much improved.  In addition to the treatments he is receiving, Kimberly has also worked with us to make slight changes to our diet.  Kimberly has assured us, it is more effective if it is gradual.   One of the reasons I was hesitant to go to a non-traditional practitioner was a fear about some radical life change we would have to make as a family.  So far we are taking things one step at a time and are seeing results from this experience.  The peace of mind that my son is improving is very comforting, as is the peace of mind that we are learning ways to be healthier.


Brenda Stoltz | Leesburg, VA

When my six year old daughter was diagnosed with Lyme, we took her to a Western-trained medical specialist for treatment. Her treatment consisted of multiple rounds of antibiotics and other medicines. The doctor made it clear that detox was an important part of the protocol in order for her to rid her body of the toxins. Thankfully, we knew Kimberly and had already started treatment with her for my daughter’s knee pain due to juvenile arthritis from the Lyme.My daughter goes weekly for detox and cold laser therapy. Kimberly added in essential oils, Kangan water and suggested dietary changes. We are more than 2/3rds of the way through the three month course of treatment. My daughter’s arthritis pain is gone and she has not experienced any of the often debilitating side effects that are common with this Lyme treatment protocol.If you’re experiencing joint or muscle pain, or have Lyme disease, I would highly recommend Kimberly and Wellness Balance! I wouldn’t trust my daughter to anyone else.
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